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Georgia Risk Reduction Program

"DUI" Classes
Anyone, in the State of Georgia, who has been convicted or plead guilty to a DUI or Drug possession charge must take a State approved “Risk Reduction” class. In order to take the twenty (20) hour course you will first have to complete a 130 question assessment. This must be taken at least one day prior to the class and will cost $100.00. The cost of the twenty (20) hour intervention class is $255.00. This includes the required student workbook. The total cost for the required assessment and class is $355.00.  These fees are set by the State of Georgia and no one may charge any more or less than this amount.

Our classes are conveniently scheduled in a three day format on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday afternoon. View our calendar page to find the most convenient class for you. Upon completion of the class each student is issued a State of Georgia “Certificate of Completion” to take to the Department of Driver Services (DDS).

DUI School requires the following two components:
1. The Assessment Component
        a. Must be completed at our facility prior to the first day of DUI School
        b. Takes approximately 30 minutes to complete
        c. Offered Monday through Friday from 10:30 am - 5:00 pm
            After hours service available upon request
2. The Intervention Component
        a. Must be completed AFTER the Assessment Component
        b. Entails 20 hours of classroom instruction divided into 3-day programs
        c. The Department of Driver Services forbids late arrivals. Plan to arrive early for class and  

            return on time from scheduled breaks to avoid dismissal from this course.

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