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Driving Simulator Training

Rockdale-Newton's Driving Simulator Training offers teens 13 and 14 years old a high-tech safe-driving course in how to be safe behind the wheel.  The Course fee of $40.00 per hour.

During the simulator training teenagers and other new drivers will face a number of scenarios based on real-world examples that illustrate common driving issues. The computer software offers complex, unpredictable and realistic traffic interaction in high resolution, 3-D curriculum. Vehicle dynamics simulate braking, acceleration, steering and cornering responses.

Participants will be taught how to anticipate hidden hazards, react to the road and avoid accidents. The course consists of 6 hours of classroom instruction covering:
                                              • Driving
                                              • Getting on the Road
                                              • Basic Training
                                              • Intermediate Training
                                              • Advanced Training

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