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Why Choose Rockdale-Newton Driving School?

- Satisfaction guaranteed
- Affordable Fee
- Pick up & Drop off for Drivers Ed Service
- Week-end schedule available
- Simple instruction techniques
- Refund Policy
- Professional and Friendly Instructors
- Free WiFi

-Dining in walking distance
- Complimentary Water & Coffee

Are you interested in getting your Learners Permit, your Driver’s License, your Driver’s Education Certificate or taking a DUI class?

Rockdale-Newton Driving School can help you. R.N.D.S. has services that can help you to get your Driver’s License to drive safely, to get your Driver’s Education Certificate, to lower your insurance premium, to get you Learner Permit, and to do your Road Driving. Additionally, RNDS pledges to satisfy every single customer through the services provided.

What services does ROCKDALE-NEWTON DRIVING SCHOOL provide?

- Complete Driver’s Ed. Program to get the Drivers Education Certificate
- Hourly On-Road Driving Lesson or Evaluation
- Discount Driver Training Package
- Defensive Driving
- Adult Driver Training
- D.U.I. Classes
- Driving Simulator Training

- Virtual Classes


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